Week Two

The week started by finding the BlueGenics encryption software page. Soon we received another email from Chiaro Oscuros with the image of an eye with hieroglyphics hidden in the corner. These were soon deciphered to read “sekhmet,” which proved to be the key to gaining entrance to the BlueGenics (Lightbringers) site. We soon gained access to the sequencer page which allowed us to download the Level 4 encryption key, though we still had nothing to use it with.

Chiaro Oscuros sent a number of emails containing intercepted Bluegenics chats and emails, which gave us some idea of the structure of the company.

The encryptor went online on May 31, which allowed us to decrypt the Seek.jpg which revealed a set of 11 numbers in the Lightbringer font. Unfortunately we did not have the full font, so about half of the numbers remained a mystery. At this point it looked like this might be a substitution cipher (A=1), though later this proved to be false. Most of June 1 was spent acquiring new keys for the encryptor through various means. (Solve one file to get more keys which are used to solve…). June 2 was an off day though various codemonkeys among us managed to get the encryptor to work on a Mac running a windows emulator.

On June 3, the Umbrati got an email with a new logo. Unsuccessful attempts were made to match it to the button they had received as a trailhead. A couple of brave Umbrati even dismantled their cool swag to find hidden inside, “Is this the way you treat gifts?!?" This roughly corresponds with the “So much effort…” file on the Lightbringer site.

The week ended with its most eventful day. First, Pancito got a package in the mail. This included, most importantly, a flash drive with pictures, new encryptor keys and files to solve. These yielded a complete Lightbringer font which finally allowed access to the Lightbringer site. (Password=shiningpath). Signups began, and new registrants were welcomed. Later in the day the Umbrati got an email that prompted a google search that eventually led to the Nyx Telecommunications (NyxTel) site where, again, signups happened.

At the end of the week we still had a number of unopened files, unused encryptor keys, no access to the Umbrati site, and a number of questions about the relationships of the characters.

What we know about the files… (Thanks Omega)
Here is a list of all the encrypted files that we know of and their associated decryption keys:

  • Conv001.enf + BGLvl4.enc = Conversation between Gabriel and Helios.
  • Conv002.enf + ???(A) = ???
  • KL001.enf + BGLvl4.enc = Password puzzle for Lightbringer website.
  • LBKs.enf + CO2.enc + password("helios") = Level 0, Enhanced Level 1, and Imaging Level 0 Lightbringer decryption keys.
  • Prch.enf + ???(B) = ???
  • Recr002.enf + ???(A) = ???
  • Rosetta1.enf + BGLvl4.enc = Rosetta image puzzle pieces, part 1.
  • Rosetta2.enf + LB_Lvl1.enc = Rosetta image puzzle pieces, part 2.
  • Seek.enf + BGLvl4.enc = Password puzzle key for Lightbringer website.
  • StartLoc.enf + ???(C) = ???
  • Txns001.enf + ???(B) = ???
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