The First Week

The first week: a recap.

The first week of the game started with various members of the Lightbringer's Society getting the trailhead via snail mail. The letters contained a bookmark with a strange font on it. The font was also used on the return address. coffeebean found the trailhead by decoding the font. The trialhead asked for a password, and although there were many attempts, the site still hasn't been opened. A day later members of the Umbrati received a similar package, with a button and a different font, which lead to a different site and which has also failed to yield to all attempts at entry.

On May 24 many of the players received an email from Chiaro Oscuros telling players to seek “the heart that weeps and the fire that burns.” We now believe that this refers to Jessica Valenti and Patrick Monaghan.

On May 25, the Lightbringer’s received their first puzzle from Chiaro Oscuros, a google earth capture with an image of Bobcats Stadium in Nashville inset. A few hours later the Umbrati received a similar puzzle with LA city hall. Once the coordinates were mailed back to Chiaro Oscuros, new emails arrived.

On May 26 the Lightbringers get a picture from Chiaro Oscuros titled “Fallen from Grace” with a picture of two people on it (thought to be Jessica Valenti and Patrick Monaghan) and the phrase “Absence makes the heart grow darker.” Shortky thereafter, the Umbrati receive the picture “Out of the Blue,” another GoogleEarth capture with two insets, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Knoxville Sunsphere. There is a dotted line that starts at the downtown airport and ends in the hills near Oak Ridge. There are two dates, Sept. 1, 1975 and Feb. 14, 2008. Speculation is that this shows the route of a fatal plane crash and that the dates are Patrick Monaghan’s birth/death dates.

On May 28 MrToasty received a package from Rosario Chusco. It contained: a previously opened envelope addressed to Jessica Valenti from Patrick Monaghan of the BlueGenics Research Institute. This inner envelope contained a book on Salvidor Dali and a letter and a business card. In the book was a picture (of Jessica?) bookmarking the painting ‘Day and Evening Clothes.” The business card had information for Christopher Rybeck of BlueGenics Research Institute. This led to the Bluegenics site. The word ‘Sekhmet,’ written in red, had been scratched out. On the back of the card was written, “You have helped me before, now you must help mankind…" and "DSN15B". The letter, on Patrick Monaghan’s stationery read:

Dear Jess,

Happy You Day:

Sorry for the corporate letterhead, it's all I had. It's funny how you can never find a blank piece of paper when you need one.

I spent almost two hours wandering aimlessly around the bookstore, looking for the perfect gift that embodies how I feel about you. Frustrated, I bought this instead, so I hope you enjoy it. And I hope this gets to you in time, the post office isn't particularly reliable when you truly want it to be.

The past couple of months have been truly amazing, and I apologise that I have not been around as much as I should, or as much as I wanted to be. I trust you understand the importance of the work I'm involved with, and I wish it wasn't overwhelming me so but it is for the good of humanity what we're doing here.

I'm sorry I can't be there in person tomorrow, but I am there in spirit and you'll always be in my heart and in my thoughts. But good news: the higher ups out here have apparently noticed my depression and are chartering a flight out of Knoxville to San Francisco. I will be there Saturday morning or afternoon, so I'm hoping you're not busy and can meet me at the airport. Also, really good news: the company has some things for me to do in the area, so I'm going to be around a lot more for the next month or so. I'll call you with the flight info once I know the details. Hope my room's still available. ;)

Anyway, here's to you. I wish I can be there tomorrow to spend some quality time, hold you in my arms, and enjoy the day together as it should be. I promise I'll make it up to you this weekend. I might even have another gift up my sleeve.

All my love,

We are currently investigating the site. Some interesting tidbits: There is a secure method of communication similar to PGP; one of their products is called BeaconStar® Cloning Technology; They have something called the LBS Fund (charitable?). All attempts to contact the site have been met with form letters denying access

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