Umbrati's Trailhead

On May 22nd, 2008 faeryqueen21 from unFiction reported on having recieved a package with weird symbols as a return address similar to the ones recieved by the Lightbringers the day before. However, the symbols for the alphabe were diffrent. Inside of this envelope contained a button with the same kind of script as on the return address with the picture of the moon. The text on the button said Bring Forth the Darkness. This was declared and verified on the forum as the complimentary trailhead to the game Beacon of Light/Shadow in the Darkness being for the Shadow in the Darkness Side. After translating the alphabet it was verified that the return address (below) was as follows:

The Umbrati
Piazza del Colosseo
Roma (Zip Code)


This led to us researching the The Umbrati, which led to the rabbit hole. Coffeebean generated a font key for this as well. Currently, we are stuck at the Rabbit Hole trying to figure out the correct password.

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