The Tunnels

'The Tunnels' was a quick, maze like puzzle found here, the end of which was hacked by Chiaro Oscuros to reveal the two files below. The following was found in the source code:

Even though a coin has two sides, it is still the same coin.

The light invites all with open arms, yet the dark is apprehensive in their ignorance.

Only when both paths converge will the truth unfold.

- C.O.

Ex_D00710.jpg Ex_D01215.jpg

redct's transcription of the burnt letter:

January 13th, 1975:

For years I've been trying to make sense of all this, and suddenly it all seems clearer, I just had to see the transference with my own eyes to truly understand how it worked, how (it transferred) from one person to another, and how someone can simply be given the gift without having any (???).

Jacob's passing was so serene, so peaceful, and he went the way he wanted to: surrounded by friends, family and people that loved him. (During) the final moment everyone in the room felt the wave, the essence floating through the air look(ing ???)t, and as far as anyone can tell it found one. We may not know for sure for years, but they (have time) to think about it. And Janice seems a willing participant; so young, so innocent, and with such a good (heart).

I'm worried for her though; that's a heavy weight to carry for a girl that age. I spent a lot of time talking with Helios prior to the moment; there was not(hing) else to do. He told me something rather surprising: we were lucky. Sometimes I just don't know (where) it will go. It could go to (someone) in the same room, or it can go to someone (…)

A map of the tunnels:

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