Interactions w/Umbrati

Interactions between the Umbrati/NyxTel and the community

August 17
The following exchange took place between Twiler and NexTel.

Urgent. Charon is in danger. Check this site:

Login: AGNET007B
Password: 65SJ69

Examine the dossiers and you'll see why I'm concerned.


Who is this? What do you know about CSAT, and what relation do you have with our security services provider?

The login you provided does not work, either. We have our own login to the system anyway, and do not know what you mean by "dossiers".

As per standard procedure, I am escalating this message to senior management and our own internal security services.

Nyx Telecommunications


So you tried the login despite having your own? If you can't find the dossiers, you presumably aren't seeing the same site as I am.

The password changes each day. The current password is VAXRKII.

I don't have any relationship with your security provider. Among the Umbrati I have the name of Twiler. I am a member of Delta group. DO NOT trust Grauemacht. Consider what they know, and consider who would be capable of the recent attacks upon you.

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