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I've been reading your blog and noticed that you've mentioned a few
times that you don't really have many people to talk to or confide in.
I just wanted to write to offer to be a listening ear if you ever
need one. Take care!


Jessica Valenti to me
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Thank you. The internet is an interesting place. I've been fearful of who I might meet in this world, but so far the people have been really supportive and nice.

The Ineffabelle to Jessica
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It is an interesting place, isn't it? I don't blame you for being a
bit cautious of who you might meet online. There are also a lot of
great people out here as well.

I read your latest blog entry about your dream. From what I've
gathered from your blog you've been though quite a bit of trauma
recently. I'm not a therapist myself (though I've spent plenty of
time in therapy and have been told many times that I'd make a good
therapist hehe), but I learned that sometimes odd dreams are part of
the process of healing from a traumatic experience. I'd keep that
paper and pen handy and see what comes of it.

Anyway I hope you are having a nice weekend


Dear Jessica,

Hope you are having a good day today.

Read your blog this morning and was glad to see that you were able to write down your dream. And the reason for you not to remember having writting them may be that you were just in a light state of awakening. But I sure do hope that this will be able to help you and find again some good night sleeps. And if I may suggest, I think you should continu to write them down if you can. I heard once that dream reflect how we are felling and sometimes our fears to. Most importantly it can be a reflect of issues we need to adress. And the less known, they can be premonition if you believe in them.

And i just wanted to mention that you seem to have a real good friend in your life too, Kate. You are lucky to have such a good friend around. And I don't know if you already did , but i think youshould tell her about your dreams since she is the closest to you, she may be able to help you figure them out.

Go to go but its always a pleasure to read you,

hope to hear from you soon.

Have a nice day

Makyla77 <3

Thanks. I got a big legal pad and a few pens on my nightstand, just in case.

I've been asking a few people because I'm not sure: is it true dreams aren't supposed to be in color? I've seen movies mention that they are only in black and white, but beats me if that's true or not.

Well I had no idea about that color or black and white dreams. I always tought mine were in color but you asking me made me curious so I search for it on google and it seems that we dream in color . I also found this and I tought I would share it with you since I tought it could help you narrow down the important things in your dream.

''But not being able to tell what shoes you had on does not imply you were barefoot. This is what happens with the COLOUR situation. In a dream, where the colour of something is relevant, you see colour, but where the colour is not relevant, there is NO COLOUR INFORMATION. But that doesn't mean it's in black&white''

wich I found on this site is you want to have a look at it:

Well hope that will help you out a bit.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Makyla77 <3

Did a search myself and found the exact same site. Great minds think alike.

Had the exact same dream last night, apparently. Even wrote down
virtually the exact same thing.

Thanks nonetheless.

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