Interactions with GMS

Agent Lex, operating as Agent 010 began coresponding with GMS after he received the codewheel.

August 9, 2008

Lex received:


To: AGENT 010

Please confirm receipt of materials.

We have lost contact with Agent 015 and cannot confirm delivery. We are sending a team to Auburn to determine whereabouts of Agent 015 and to determine whether security codes were compromised.

Upon confirmation, proceed to primary target in New York City and await further instructions.

Launch intercept remains scheduled for 13th. Cruisers on route. Will arrange air transport to North Atlantic upon termination and confirmation of primary target.

- GMS Central Command

and replied:

Central Command,

Can confirm receipt of materials. Accompanying note destroyed as instructed. Having problems logging into site - trouble moving to the new security level again?

- AGENT 010

GMS replied:

To: AGENT 010


Logins are currently being reassigned due to breach in security. Once field team reports on the whereabouts of Agent 015 and code integrity is verified, access will be provided through personal communication.

Await further instructions.

- GMS Central Command

August 10, 2008

Icerimp receives:

Internal code sequencers are for authorized representatives of GraueMacht Security Services and their subsidiaries.

Please provide proper identification materials within 48 hours. You may also visit our corporate office in that time during which your identification will be confirmed by Tier 3 security personnel.

Your communication has been flagged as a Level Six incident. Failure to comply with the above guidelines within the 48 hours will signify a breach in security and will be responded to swiftly and in full force.

Once again, you have 48 hours to comply.


and replies:

Could you issue me the new sequencer, please? Obviously my current one is of no more use.

August 16, 2008

P.Silber to Agent Lex:

To: AGENT 010
From: GMS Central Command


Have not contacted local field agents in New York area. Please explain in detail cause for delay.

Primary target Helen Nyx still active and must be terminated with extreme prejudice.

Rendezvous with local presence in New York within 36 hours. Failure to comply will imply either desertion or capture, both of which are punishable by termination and reassignment of primary target.

Awaiting status update.

August 17, 2008

Email exchange between Ineffabelle and Agent20

To: Agent 020, Special Operations Team 2
From: Agent Belle Affeni, Network Operations

I was passed this message regarding your Acheron login difficulties. We are currently trying to pinpoint and correct the underlying problem, but due to enhanced security measures it may take some time. We have a temporary fix we are applying to individual accounts.

I have been designated to concentrate on just your account do to the urrency of the matter, so please varify your login information to me directly, and I will apply the fix to your account. I will also be standing by to help you have any further diffiuculties.

We at NetOps are sorry for any inconveinence this may have caused.

Agent Belle Affeni
Network Operations

To: Agent Belle Affeni, Network Operations
From: Agent 020, Special Operations Team 2

This is highly irregular… You must be new, or the network problems are more serious than they appear.

The last contact from Network Operations instructed me to destroy and disregard my previous login information. Besides, you know better than I that I am not authorized to disclose past or present login information through unsecured channels.

I am waiting for Network Operations to provide necessary login information; I suggest you contact your senior management and explain to them that not having that information is causing delays in our mission. Thankfully, due to Tropical Storm Fay, the launch has been delayed for an undisclosed amount of time, but that won't be the case forever.

Awaiting further instructions.

August 19, 2008

Agent Lex reports problems traveling out of Heathrow. Gets the following:

From: Petra Silber, Central Command
To: Agent 010

What in blazes are you doing trying to get through Heathrow?!? Make contact with transport services at Boscome or Coningsby and get to New York IMMEDIATELY!

Where the hell are you anyway? If Gustav finds out about this he'll terminate you and everyone within a kilometer radius. Get to primary objective NOW. Stop stalling!

Petra Silber
Central Command

August 20, 2008

Petra Silber sends an email to Agent Lex promising his elimination:

Why you little shit, do you have any idea who you're dealing with?

You think your training will save you, but there isn't a hole on this Earth where you can hide. I will make it my personal MISSION in life to hunt you down like the little rat you are. And you better hope we don't find you, because if we do you'll wish you'd never been born.

Enjoy your remaining days, you bastard.

August 21, 2008

Email exchange between Ineffabelle and Agent020.
Belle to 20:

To: Agent 020, Special Operations Team 2
From: Agent Belle Affeni, Network Operations

I sincerely apologize for my prior communication. I am both new and the network problems are much more serious than you know. I do not know what the last contact told you concerning your past login because we have lost contact with several agents and are in the middle or major management restructuring. In addition, our firewalls are under attack.

Due to all of this I am the only one working on your case, but neither I or anyone else at NetOps currently has the ability to provide you with a new login until all of these transitions are over. However that may not be soon enough for you to complete your mission.

Fortunately, I have permission from senior management to temporarily reauthorize your last login information until this matter is cleared up. Since I am new I haven't even finished my training on using secured channels, but if you have a suggestion I will be grateful to accept it. Everyone else at NetOps is too busy trying to repair the firewalls to help either of us right now.

We at NetOps are sorry for any inconveinence this may have caused.

Agent Belle Affeni
Network Operations

20's reply:

subject Re: Field Report

Forgive my hesitation. Been stationed on a ship in the North Atlantic for over eight weeks now; not taking things particularly well, and having a hard time communicating with land-based operatives.

Attempted connection to Acheron VPN, but connection seems to be impossible, so I'm assuming you've taken it offline. Attempting connection to secondary firewall using 62L signon but connection rates are extremely slow, confirming your suggestion of possible attack.

As per mandate from Central Command, will fall back to alternate Level Six secure communication methods. I will wait for corporate firewall issues to be resolved before attempting to use the VPNs. Please acknowledge when the threat subsides.

- Agent 020

Emails between Petra Silber and AUZ505 (Agent505)

AUZ505 wrote:

I am not in the UK, but I am in Central Europe.
So it would be possible for me to hunt down Agent 10 and eliminate him.

Waiting for your approval.


Petra replied:

Please confirm availability of transportation to United Kingdom.

If secure transportation is available, you have out authorization. All other tasks rescinded. Hunt down Agent 010 and eliminate with extreme prejudice, then provide confirmation of success.

- Petra Silber, Central Command

August 22, 2008

Email from Agent020 to Ineffabelle:

Now none of the firewalls are functional; all communications have stopped. What the hell is going on over there? They'll be all over us if these communications remain open like this.

I am trying to make contact with Central Command, but systems aboard Bismarck are having issues. Suggest Janus analyze situation and request course of action. If we cannot resolve these issues it will be impossible to complete the mission.

- Agent 020

Corespondece between GMS and AUZ505…
Email from AUZ505 to GMS

Confirm successful transportation to Essex. Took longer than planned but there are still some problems at Heathrow Airport:

I have tracked done Agent10's former location. He already left. Seems like he works not alone.
Found a coded message. Working on decoding it.


Petra wrote:

That's the same excuse Agent 010 used; as per Level Six guidelines, do not Heathrow and arrange transport through lower profile private installations.

Continue your search for Agent 010 and keep us informed as to the progress. As previously mentioned: Agent 010's elimination is of topmost priority; all other orders rescinded.

On a personal and private note, make it as painful as possible, but make sure he's eliminated. I want to see it for myself.

- Petra Silber

AUZ505 replied

The coded message I found at Agent10's former location has been decoded. Lead to a password protected rar-file and to the following message: "Elysum". Elysum is not the correct password. I assume he used the login to the computer system as password.
To hunt down Agent10 I need a higher security level and the login. The content of the rar-file will probably reveal Agent10's actual loaction.
Please confirm.


AUZ505 takes a break… (RL wedding to attend).

Seems like someone is following me. I will try to get rid of him. In the meantime I will stop communication until Sunday, August 24, 9PM (UTC+2) for security reasons.
So if you send me the Login I will not be able to check this before Sunday evening local time.


Lex replies to Petra's personal threat:

Heehee, I'm your number one target? And Jaana and Helen are below me? I should feel priveleged!

I see you're actually sending agents after me. You know I have several false leads set up, right? Remember the training? Those whippings were useful after all.

And the company phone has been very useful. Thanks for that.

- 10

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