Lightbringer's Trailhead

On May 21st, 2008 Coffeebean from unFiction reported on having recieved a letter with weird symbols as the return address. This envelope contained a blue bookmark with the same font as on the return address. From this she generated a font key. This was declared and verified on the forum as the trailhead to the game Beacon of Light/Shadow in the Darkness. However, it seemed like only the players who signed up to be on the Light side recieved this package, and after translating the alphabet it was verified that the return address was as follows:

The Lightbringer Society
20 Deans Yard
London (zip code)
United Kingdom

This led to us researching the Lightbringer Society, which led to the rabbit hole. Currently, we are stuck at the Rabbit Hole trying to figure out the correct password. However, Omega soon found a hidden message in the flash file (found while decompiling). It was written in the Lightbringer font (image below). This was translated to:

So much wasted time and effort on something that has no use.
You will not have it that easy.
The path to the light need not hide in shadows.

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