Grauemacht Files

Information pulled from the GraueMacht Site are included in the pdf's below

  • August 12

All the dossiers are in the first file, all other info in the second.

  • August 14
  • Interrogation of Jada:

INTERROGATION 12 - August 8th, 2008
Location: Los Angeles, California - Secure Location B
Subject: Jada Robertson, a.k.a. "Firebird", a.k.a. "Asia Diamante"
DOB: 08/18/1983

INT01: GMS Interrogator 01
INT02: GMS Interrogator 02
SUBJ: Subject, Jada Robertson

Interrogation begun 08/08/2008 @ 12:35pm

INT01, INT02 and SUBJ present in interrogation room.
SUBJ in primary interrogation room, sitting on chair. Under wrist restraint.
NOTE: Subject believed to still be recovering from effects of tranquilizer

INT01: Hello again.


INT01: We know you're holding back information, and we have all the time in the world.

INT02: Just tell us what we want to know.

SUBJ: [Illegible]

INT02: Excuse me?

SUBJ: You heard me.

INT01: This isn't a game.

SUBJ: Oh, really? 'cause I'm starting to enjoy this. You know, with the bondage and all.

INT01: What do you know about BeaconStar?

SUBJ: Oh, I know lots of things. Want me to tell you?

INT02: We wouldn't be here otherwise.

SUBJ: You'll have to come closer.


SUBJ: Closer… and I'll tell you.


SUBJ: Perfect.

[SUBJ forcibly kicks INT02 in groin area]

[INT02 collapses]

[SUBJ begins to laugh uncontrollably]

* END OF SESSION - 08/08/2008 @ 12:42pm *

Subject forcibly restrained and returned to containment.

INT02 regained consciousness 08/08/2008 @ 01:13pm.

For future interrogations INT01 and INT02 suggest ankle restraints.

  • Charon Entry

CSAT-I, a.k.a. "Charon":

CSAT-I, codenamed "Charon", is a satellite designed by Nyx Telecommunications.

The technological aspects of it are not yet known, but it appears the CSAT-I is designed to emit some sort of pulse or wave of energy that is used to locate individuals that possess the "gift" over a broad area.

As far as we know, the technology behind the satellite was successfully tested by firing the emitter from a C-130A transport over New York City, Los Angeles and Atlanta in early to mid March. No adverse side effects were detected.

Nyx Telecommunications has acknowledged that the pulse has also pinpointed their own Shadow Makers, but has not made the connection as to why.

CSAT-I is scheduled for destruction shortly after launch by GMS North Atlantic operations. Launch is currently scheduled for August 14th, pending any radical change in weather conditions.

Agents/teams assigned:
TEAM 02:
AGENT 020: Bismarck Missile Cruiser (Team Lead)
AGENT 005: Bismarck Missile Cruiser
AGENT 023: Tirpitz Support Cruiser

  • CO20080814001:

There is nothing I can do to stop it now. I fear for the retaliation that may occur.

It must be made clear who is responsible. The dark is blind to the truth, and the light may end up being innocent victims.

I need a way to reach out, and cannot do so until the rivers of the underworld can be crossed.

- CO

> IDR001

  • IDR001:

From: Information Retrieval Division
To: Central Command
Re: Ability analysis of detainees
Date: 02/07/2008

We have spent the last two months analyzing the following detained individuals:

SUBJECT 001: Caucasian Female, 23 years old, Beacon of Light and mid-tier Finder
Deceased as a result of final procedures
SUBJECT 002: Caucasian Female, 35 years old, Lightbringer
Deceased as a result of final procedures
SUBJECT 003: Hispanic Male, 27 years old, Umbrati Initiate
Comatose and apparently brain dead as a result of final procedures. Life support deactivated.
SUBJECT 004: Asian Male, 35 years old, Shadow Maker
Psychotic break. Medicated and under restraint as a result of final procedures

Based on the information we have recovered from analysis, here are our conclusions:

1) The lower echelon members, the Beacon and the Initiate, do not appear to have any trace of the physical and mental characteristics that define Lightbringers or Shadow Makers. They are completely devoid of the "gift", and we see no means for them to acquire it in future.

2) From a physical and mental sense, Lightbringers and Shadow Makers appear to be identical, both carriers of the "gift" at the same intensity.

3) Upon SUBJECT 002's death, there was a spike in mental activity in SUBJECT 004, suggesting that a transference took place between the two. This suggest that they are one in the same and do not have differing abilities.

4) We believe that the transference of the "gift" from SUBJECT 002 to SUBJECT 004, in combination with the stress of our final procedures, is what caused SUBJECT 004's psychotic break. Furthermore, we believe taht the essence gained through transference from SUBJECT 002 is what prevented his death from exposure to the final analysis.

Bodies of SUBJECT 001, SUBJECT 002 and SUBJECT 003 will be incinerated within the next 24-48 hours.

SUBJECT 004 is under supervision to see if there is any further physical or mental changes as a result of the transference.
Will terminate once no further information can be acquired.

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