Encryption Files

Files for the BlueGenics Encryptor

Right click and 'save file as…'
Keys File Origin
BlueGen, Initial Key BGLvl0.enc BlueGen
BlueGenics, Level Four Sequence Decoder BGLvl4.enc BlueGen
BlueGenics, Level One BGLvl1.enc BlueGen
BlueGenics, Level Two BGLvl2.enc BlueGen
BlueGenics, Level Three BGImg1.enc BlueGen
Chiaro Oscuros Imaging Key 1 CO3.enc Rosetta.zip
Chiaro Oscuros Key 1 CO1.enc Pancito's Flash Drive
Chiaro Oscuros Key 2 CO2.enc Rosetta.zip
Lightbringer Base Key LB_Lvl0.enc
Lightbringer Basic Imaging Key LB_Img0.enc
Lightbringer Enhanced Key LB_Lvl1.enc
Nyxtel, Initial Key Nyxtel_L0.enc Nyxtel
Nyxtel, Level One Nyxtel_L1.enc Nyxtel
Nyxtel, Level Two Nyxtel_L2.enc Moon Page
Nyxtel, Level Three (Recruiting) Nyxtel_Rec3.enc Nyxtel Email
Encrypted Files Origin Key Used Decoded File
Conv001.enf BGLvl4.enc Gabriel & Helios Chat
Conv002.enf Nyxtel_Rec3.enc Conv002.jpg
KL001.enf BGLvl4.enc Lightbringer Password Puzzle
LBKs.enf Rosetta.zip CO2.enc + password("helios") Lightbringer Keys
Overseer.bmp Rosetta.zip CO3.enc Pic of Helios's Urn
Prch.enf Pancito's Flash Drive Nyxtel_L2.enc Umbrati Key
Recr002.enf Pancito's Flash Drive Nyxtel_Rec3.enc Firebird Pic
Rosetta1.enf BGLvl4.enc Lightbringer Font
Rosetta2.enf LB_Lvl1.enc Lightbringer Font
Seek.enf BlueGen BGLvl4.enc Lightbringer Password Puzzle Key
StartLoc.enf Pancito's Flash Drive *Undecipherable* see this
Txns001.enf Pancito's Flash Drive Nyxtel_L2.enc Fax from Kevin Nyx

Brief How-To…

To use the BlueGenics Encryptor you must first download it from the BlueGenics site. You can download either a zip file (barebones) or an installer version. The encryptor requires Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 or greater and Windows98 or after. If you aren't sure whether you have this or not, use the installer version, which will connect you to the NET download page…

To use the program you must:
1. Import the keys (FIle >Import Keys)
2. Open the encrypted file (FIle > Open Encrypted File)
3. Provide a password if required
The program will let you save files, but not decoded images unless they are wrapped in a zip.

To decode an image you must use (FIle > Decode image) and also supply the encryption key name. You can save images decrypted with this method.

How to BGCrypt on Mono (for Macs) (Thanks to Redct)

I just got BGCrypt working on Mono. Here's a short little how-to:

1) Make sure that you have X11 installed on your Mac. To do this, pop in your installation DVD and scroll down to your "Optional Installs" file on the DVD. Open that up, run through the typical OS X installer steps until right before you're going to install. If it hasn't already, open up the "custom install" part. Deselect everything except for "X11". Finish the install.

2) Download Mono from here (http://ftp.novell.com/pub/mono/archive/1.9.1/macos-10-universal/3/MonoFramework-1.9.1_3.macos10.novell.universal.dmg)

3) Run through the install.

4) Since you can't run the normal Windows installer, grab my already extracted EXE and supporting files here. It includes everything, including all of the keys up to now.

5) Once the application is unzipped to somewhere (I'll use the desktop as an example), drop down to the Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal)

6) Type in "mono " (with that space) and then drag the CryptConsole.exe application you extracted onto the terminal window. The rest of the path will fill out. It should end up something like "mono /home/redct/Desktop/BlueGen\ Encryptor/CryptConsole.exe". Hit enter.

7) It should start up! There is the slight problem of it crashing at random times, but that's a small price to pay for not booting into Windows. Right, guys? Yeah!

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