Name Email Company Position Location Username LBS Messaging
Christopher Rybeck moc.scinegeulb|rsirhc#moc.scinegeulb|rsirhc BlueGenics Director of Research and Development Oak Ridge, TN ChrisR@BG001[2]
Jessica Valenti moc.liamg|18lavj#moc.liamg|18lavj The Lightbringer Society "Prospect" Charlotte, NC[8]
Jason Nyx ten.letxyn|nnosaj#ten.letxyn|nnosaj Nyxtel Communications Chief Executive Officer New York, NY
Helen Nyx gro.itarbmu|nneleh#gro.itarbmu|nneleh, ten.letxyn|nneleh#ten.letxyn|nneleh The Umbrati, Nyxtel Communications Unknown, Chief Financial Officer, Managing Director, Southeast Division New York, NY HNyx@UNK000[2]
Adam Nyx ten.letxyn|nmada#ten.letxyn|nmada Nyxtel Communications Chief Operations Officer, Managing Director, Northeast Division New York, NY
Kevin Nyx ten.letxyn|nnivek#ten.letxyn|nnivek Nyxtel Communications Chief Technology Officer New York, NY
Patrick Monaghan moc.scinegeulb|mkcirtap#moc.scinegeulb|mkcirtap ? BlueGenics Senior Account Manager Deceased
Rosario Chusco moc.liamg|sorucso.oraihc#moc.liamg|sorucso.oraihc Palomar Mountain, CA Chiaro
Janice "Janaa" Atreva ku.oc.sregnirbthgil|anaaj#ku.oc.sregnirbthgil|anaaj BlueGenics; The Lightbringer Society Chief Operations Officer; Elder Finder Oak Ridge, TN Jaana@LB005[1] Janaa
Gabriel Rehan ku.oc.sregnirbthgil|naheRG#ku.oc.sregnirbthgil|naheRG The Lightbringer Society Finder[5] GRehan@LB017[1], Rehan17[3] Gabriel
Kate "Katia" Eridani[4] The Lightbringer Society Finder[3] San Francisco, CA[4] Katia
Helios[3] The Lightbringer Society Leader "Overseer" Helios01[3] Helios
Lain[7] The Lightbringer Society Lab technician?[7]
Galen Nyx Nyxtel Communications Leader
Richard Nyxtel Communications Recruiter Shadow17
Jada Robertson moc.liamg|driberif.naisa#moc.liamg|driberif.naisa Unemployed Umbrati prospect Los Angeles, CA

Jessica Valenti

  • Nickname: Jess, "Valentine"
  • Has recently gone through the unexpected and sudden death of her fiancee Patrick Monaghan.[3]
  • Close with nature, appears to have a good spirit.[3]
  • Appears to have had the "usual visions"[3]
  • Blog: Being Your Valentine

Janice "Jaana" Atreva

  • Father: Jacob Atreva[10]
  • Mother: Annette Atreva[10]
  • Significant Other: Gabriel Rehan[6]

Jason Nyx

  • Chief Executive Officer, NyxTel.
  • Deceased

Helen Nyx

  • Chief Financial Officer, Managing Director-Southeast Division

Adam Nyx

*Chief Operations Officer, Managing Director-Northeast Division

Kevin Nyx

*Chief Technology Officer

Kate "Katia" Eridani

  • Considered to have great talent with finding[3]
  • Found Janaa[3]
  • Obsessed with Jessica

Jada Robertson

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3. Conv001.enf encrypted conversation, from pancito's flash drive.
4. From the physical part of pancito's package, i.e. the envelope, book, etc.
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